Thursday, June 17, 2010


Hello dear world

Good evening everyone I hope you are all well. I am sorry that I have NOT posted as much as I used to. I will try to post more often. was another warm steamy day in my neck of the woods of course. I am working these days and staying busy.

I wanted to tell you that I went to the Goodwill store today and I found some really great books. One of the books is by Nora Roberts and the other is by Danielle Steele. I love reading their books. I am currently starting the book "Carolina Moon" by Nora Roberts and so far its pretty good. I also got a book by the writer Stuart Woods who I have NEVER read before. I also got a book by Carla Neggars who is also one of my favorite writers.

I have to tell you that I will NOT be home this weekend since my family and I will be going to Stone Mountain Park this weekend for a little trip. I shall return after Monday so I shall have more news to share. Will any of you miss me while I'm gone ???

So how are things in your part of the woods ? I hope that the weather is a little bit cooler than it is here. I could use some Fall weather right about now. Do keep me posted.

I will try to post more. I shall not abandon this place anytime soon. I have come to appreciate all of you who visit me here. I shall keep in touch with more news soon. Do take care everyone and I will talk to you again soon.

Ta ta for now

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madcobug said...

I like both Nora Roberts and Danielle Steels books. The Salvation Army is another great place to look for books. Enjoy your weekend away with your family. The weather is a scorcher here also. Hugs, Helen