Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hello dear world

How was your weekend ? I hope you all had a nice one. I had a very great Sunday. I have a uncle named Noel visiting with us for the Thanksgiving holiday. The weather was not too cold today as of lately. my niece and I went to the movie theater. We went to see the Twilight saga "Breaking Dawn part 1" which was beyond awesome and amazing. I am an even bigger Robert Pattinson fan and I have to say that I would like to see the movie again soon.

I can't wait for the Thanksgiving holiday to come. I can't believe that it will soon be Christmas time already. I wonder if anyone has started their Christmas shopping ? Are you getting ready for the holidays ????

That's about all for now. I will talk to you again soon. By the way I am on Twitter now if you are on it. Feel free to look for me on Twitter. Thanks again for stopping by.



LYN said...

Monae are you no longer on FB?
Happy Thanksgiving!
@LynFlorida is my twitter...;-)

Sybil said...

Hi Monae, good to see you here. I am not on twitter ut I have got on to facebook now !! after saying no so many times I gave way a few eeks ago. It is not a bad way of keeping in touch but not as good as blogging...Glad you had a great time wathcing the movie with your niece. I have got a start on my Xmas gifts. Mary and I bought a few things when we were on the cruise so it is just the matter of trying to find where we put them !!and then deciding who should get what...Glad you have come back to us...miss you when youve been away. Hows work these days.
Love Sybil xx