Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hello everyone

Good evening all !!!! I am sure you have given up on me since you haven't heard from me in a while. I am still around, still kicking and all is well with me. the news recently a gunman whose name I won't mention since he doesn't deserve any fame or glory made his way to the entrance of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and he shot and killed a security guard named Stephen Tyrone Johns.

Steven the security guard at the museum opened the door for the guy without knowing he had a rifle. Before the gunman entered the museum, he pointed his gun at Johns heart and pulled the trigger. Steven later died at the hospital. I think that it is truly sad what happened at the museum. It is a shame that such hatred still exists in the world.

In other news at my work everyone will have to be hit by a 2-day furlough without pay. It doesn't seem like the money problem in the county in which I live is getting any better. I think that it would be right to see the commissioner take a furlough like we will have to but I am doubtful that will happen.

Today at 9am this morning I went and had my long hair cut and I do like it since it is short. I also got some highlights put in it which I also like. The lady does hair wonderfully. I am sure that I will go to her from now on. Today was the first time I went to her to do my hair and her price was amazing.

Later in the day my family and I went to Kohl's where we took back the food processor I bought for my mom. She ended up liking the mini food processor they had and so I got it for her. I also got my niece Jeanette a wallet she liked. I also bought myself a pair of blue and green dragonfly earrings I liked.

After Kohl's we went to JoAnn's where I bought some stickers for my youngest niece Megan and some stikcers for myself as well. Later after shopping at JoAnn's we went to eat at La Parrilla Mexican restaurant. The food is always good there.

So my dear world how are you doing lately ??? How are things in your neck of the woods ?? I do hope that all is well. Did anyone miss me any ???

P.S. I shall return

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Sybil said...

i certainly missed you Monae...always do when you are missing for more than a week !! I bet you look good with your hair cut,,your new earings will show up now when you wear them...wish we coudl see a photograph..It was very sad about the man who killed the security guard who was after all only doing his duty..There are some very many deluded people in our world.
Love Sybil...